EIS Workshop - Registration open


Aim of the workshop is to give an introduction into electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS):

  • Gain fundamental understanding of EIS
  • Understand the physical origins of impedance (as opposed to resistance)
  • Use electric components to describe electrochemical processes (equivalent circuits)
  • Learn good-practice for analysis and presentation of electrochemical impedance spectra
  • Raise awareness of the complexity of impedance spectroscopy in electrochemistry and battery research in particular.
  • Increase knowledge about the potential and the restrictions of the method

We will spare you as much math as possible for this lecture series and provide you with qualitative knowledge.



17.04.2023 - 18.04.2023



Materialwissenschaftliches Zentrum für Energiesysteme (MZE)
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Campus Süd
Straße am Forum 7, Geb. 30.48


Workshop Instructor

Dr. Fabian Jeschull, KIT, IAM-EES



The four practice groups for the hands-on training are planned for max. 5 members each.

These will be preferentially filled with participants travelling to the MZE. If needed, there will be additional practice groups on day 3 for participants from the KIT.

Participants of this EIS workshop can gain 0,5 CP for “Scientific Training” in the GS-EES qualification program.

Register online until 10 March 2023

























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