New mobility podcast with Maximilian Fichtner

Talking about the Battery Day, iron-phosphate batteries, solid-state batteries. Professor Maximilian Fichtner can classify all of these. Read more


Conducting research in the land of the future

CELEST presents itself in the research brochure Baden-Württemberg International - Agency for International Economic and Scientific Cooperation. Read more


Maximilian Fichtner on 3sat

In the show Scobel on the tv channel 3sat, CELEST spokesperson Maximilian Fichtner discussed the storage of electricity from renewable energies and dispelled some myths about electric car batteries. Read more


Research start for BATTERY 2030+

The projects of the European research initiative BATTERY 2030+ have all taken up their research. The ambition is to make Europe a world-leader in the development and production of the batteries of the… Read more


3rd Magnesium Battery Conference

On September 8th and 9th, the leading experts exchanged views on the current status of and upcoming challenges for magnesium (Mg) as a battery raw material at the conference organized by POLiS and… Read more


New EU project to revolutionize battery development

The EU project BIG-MAP (Battery Interface Genome - Materials Acceleration Platform) is intended to significantly accelerate the speed at which new battery types can be developed, with a special focus… Read more


Great Response to EU Web Conference

Around 1000 participants followed the conference "European perspectives on batteries of the future" of the EU battery initiative BATTERY 2030+. During the two days, the 17 speakers connected to the… Read more


Inventing the Sustainable Batteries of the Future

The European large-scale research initiative BATTERY 2030+ presents the long-term research roadmap that outlines the actions needed to invent the sustainable batteries of the future. Read more

Kreis blau
Kreis blau