Special publication: Mobility of the future

CELEST presents itself in the business magazine CAPITAL with around 860,000 readers through the special publication Mobility of the Future - Technology, Trends, Innovation. Read more


Maximilian Fichtner on 3sat

In the show Scobel on the tv channel 3sat, CELEST spokesperson Maximilian Fichtner this time discussed about the energy transition, hydrogen and batteries. Read more


Podcast: Solid-state batteries

Solid-state batteries are considered the holy grail of battery research as they promise a number of advantages over current batteries. Prof. Jürgen Janek explains whether he shares the hype and where… Read more


The mission: the energy storage of the future

Watch now: CELEST introduces itself within the presentation series of the EnergieForumKarlsruhe. Read more


Podcast: Hydrogen

In the new episode, we discuss the role of hydrogen and fuel cells in the energy and mobility transition with Prof. Markus Hölzle from ZSW. Read more


Radio play: Back to the Future - Battery Edition

We, Patrick Rosen and Daniel Messling, take you on a journey through time to exciting events related to batteries and e-cars in the past and future. The radio play is part of the "Battery All"… Read more


Ulm exhibition "AKKU ALLE" ready to start

Future batteries are being researched in Ulm. For the first time, Ulm Battery Research is jointly hosting an exhibition on sustainable energy storage and electromobility for the public in downtown… Read more


Podcast: Battery Production

In the new episode we talk to Dr. Janna Hofmann on battery production and the new gigafactories that are emerging in Germany. Read more


Podcast: Satellite Batteries

In the latest episode, Linda Bolay from DLR explains what batteries are used for in satellites and what challenges they have to face in space. Read more


Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens receives battery award

Dr. Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens has been awarded one of the most prestigious international battery prizes. The International Battery Materials Association (IBA) honored her with the Technology Award… Read more

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Kreis blau