Research Training Group SIMET

The research training group SiMET aims at the qualification of doctoral researchers pursuing an interdisciplinary approach in their theses in order to substantially advance modelling and numerical simulation techniques for Lithium-ion-batteries. Special challenges for modelling and simulation arise from both the multi-scalarity of the battery cells (particle, electrode pair and full cell) as well as the multi-disciplinarity of the fundamental (electrical/electrochemical, thermal, and mechanical) processes.
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Cluster of Excellence started

The Cluster of Excellence POLiS, Post Lithium Energy Storage of KIT and UUlm investigates a new generation of post-Li electrochemical energy storage systems for stationary and mobile applications, which overcome the limitations of current battery technology. The Cluster officially started in January 2019 and will run over 7 years. The Cluster of Excellence is a major activity in the Post-Li sector in CELEST.